Archival Models

Creating Museum Quality Models for Over 25 Years

Drexler University Competition

Architect:   BCJ

High School Complex

Architect:   Perkins & Will

International Commerce Center, Hong Kong

Architect:   KPF

PNC Bank Headquarters

Architect:   Gensler

Technical Model for Glass Sculpture

Nickolas Weinstein Studio

Architectural Models

Product Models

Technical Models


Competition Models

In any competition you need to stand out, to express your ideas creatively and uniquely.  Our years of working on successful competitions gives us insight into strategies that will make your presentation get noticed.


Presentation Models

Present your design in a form that is not only the most cost effective but one your client can understand and get excited about.  If you need to move your project to the next level have a professional model presentation move it forward.


Conceptual Models

Often an Architect or Designer wants to convey the “concept” behind their design and not get caught up in the minutia of the details.  This is one area that we excel.  Our creative approach to materials, construction and presentation work together to produce models as art.


Design Process Models

Our body of work encompasses every phase of the design process.  Whether it’s from a simple schematic model to an intricately detailed mega tower, we have built all types of models and for every step in between.


Master Plan Models

Large scale master planning projects and city planners use models to demonstrate how future growth will impact quality of life for its inhabitants.  A physical model is an invaluable tool to create different growth scenarios for future architectural projects.


Architect's Oeuvre

An Architect’s body of work is his legacy.  That is the idea behind “Archival” in our name.  We set out from the beginning to create work that is worthy of a great career.


Museum Retrospectives

We have been honored to be selected to produce several models that have been exhibited at some of the world’s most prestigious museums.  Our attention to detail and demanding quality is present in all of our work which makes us the perfect choice for museum exhibition commissions.


Marketing Models

The most effective sales tool to get an idea off the ground or market it to potential tenants is a Marketing Model.  There is nothing closer to the real thing than a physical model that you can walk around and feel its presence.


Developer Display Models

The most desired way for Developers and Building Owners to showcase their portfolios is through detailed scale models of their projects.  An Architectural Model gives prominence to a project that often takes years to develop and build.

Return on Your Investment


Our client’s effective use of a presentation model in Museums and as Promotional tools has served to make a substantial return on their investment. They see the value in creating a distinctive work of art that embodies their vision. It shows their commitment not only to the success of their project but to the advancements in the field of design and architecture.

An investment in a unique custom-made physical representation of one’s idea can further the goals you have in mind. Our clients have utilized the models we create for them in various ways. Whether the intent is to draw attention to a project, to bring it to life or to memorialize an accomplished venture for posterity, we can help you with your project’s success.

Winning Competition Presentation Models

NVIDIA Headquarters, Mountain View California

Gensler, San Francisco Office

Stanford Business School, Palo Alto California

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Philadelphia Office

Angola University Complex, Angola Africa

Perkins & Will, Chicago Office

Intercontinental Hotel Lobby Glass Sculpture, China

Nikolas Weinstein Studio, San Francisco

NVIDIA Competition, Gensler

NVIDIA Competition

Concept Model

The image shows a model of one of the Three Schemes we created for the first round of the NVIDIA Headquarters Competition designed by Gensler.  The Chairman of NVIDIA liked the models so much he kept them and Gensler went on to the second round.  We went on to create a large scale mock-up of a conceptual design consisting of a Interior/Exterior corner section of the building.  The Model was the only visual tool of the presentation. Gensler went on to win the competition and is designing the $250 million project.

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