5th & Mission Towers, Schematic Models

5th & Mission Scheme 1

Scheme 1: Model Full Birds Eye View

5th & Mission Scheme 2

Scheme 2: Model Tower & Podium View

5th & Mission Scheme 2a

Scheme 2: Model Tower and Podium Rear View



1/200 scale models of two schematic designs for the proposed mixed use development at 5th & Mission, San Francisco.

This set of models were built at the early planning stage of the project.  The architect wanted the models to show the building’s massing, footprint and context.  They were rendered in wood veneers to avoid showing possible materials, or color schemes at this point in the design phase.

The models were constructed of model airplane plywood armatures and laminated with various wood veneers.

The models were part of a schematic design presentation to the developer and planners.

Architect: KPF

Photo: Jock Pottle


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