Atrium Technical Model for Glass Sculpture

Atrium Model

Model Corner View

Atrium Model

Model Partial Full View

Atrium Model Detail

Model Detail View



1/8″ scale technical model for the installation of a glass sculpture in the atrium of a hotel.

The model was used as a design tool for the artist to create a scale version of the final sculpture design.  We designed the model to meet the criteria developed by us and the client.   The circular surface of the model is made up of a grid of locator holes spaced 2′ on center to scale.  The holes were located every 1 degree and labeled around the circumference and horizontal dimensions.  Once the scale model sculpture was finished it was suspended by nylon strings through the appropriate holes.  The model was used at the installation site to locate the support wires in the building’s atrium according to their corresponding locations in the model.

The model was constructed of custom milled basswood.  The model also incorporates Plexiglas curtain walls on the podium base to view the interior.  Painted acid etched metal parts are used throughout the podium to show the fine detail.

The model was designed and built by Archival Models for the Nikolas Weinstein Studio as a technical tool for the sculpture’s design and installation.

Artist: Nikolas Weinstein

Photo: Roderick Weaver


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