Haworth Furniture Headquarters, Michigan

Haworth Headquarters, Michigan

Model Full Side View

Haworth Headquarters, Michigan

Model Site & Frontal View

Haworth Headquarters, Michigan Detail

Model Entrance View



3/64″ scale model of the final design for the Haworth Furniture Headquarters.

The design of the building was to show the open space planning of the interior and the living roof.  The model was built with a very detailed interior visible through the full length front glass facade.

The model was constructed of custom milled basswood and laser scored Plexiglas.  The model site was made of layered maple veneer, with a contrasting walnut veneer for the water feature.  The site had custom made flocked trees.

The model was commissioned by Haworth to display in their headquarters.

Architect: Perkins & Will

Photo: Roderick Weaver


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