NVIDIA Headquarters Competition, Mountain View

NVIDIA Competition Model

Model Rear Back View

NVIDIA Headquarters Competition

Model Plan View

NVIDIA Headquarters Birds Eye View

Model Full Birds Eye View



1:100 scale model of the initial competition phase for the new NVIDIA Headquarters, Mountain View CA

The architect submitted three schemes for the competition.  We built all three (only one is shown) and we used a creative approach to the design and construction of the models.  Gensler let us come up with the style and materials to use in the construction of the models.  Gensler went on to the second round in which we built the only visual tool of the presentation.  Gensler was awarded the project and it is currently under construction. The final building’s ground floor area is equal to three football fields.

The model(s) were constructed of frosted and clear Plexiglas to show interior space as well as detailed facades at such a small scale.  The site was made of maple veneer and Japanese paper.  Each scheme fit into a basswood site model we built to give the buildings context.

The model was built for a final design presentation meeting.

Architect: Gensler, design by Hao Ko

Photo: Roderick Weaver


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